WHY    WE    DO    IT


Vocal Demos was set up by me, Cameron Sharp, with the simple aim of giving actors at all stages of their careers, from recent graduates to West End performers, access to great quality vocal reels, at genuinely affordable prices. It began with me recording fellow professionals and friends, putting to use my top-quality mobile recording equipment and Music Technology qualifications, and has grown into a service intent on keeping costs low and quality high.

Benefits of mobile equipment:

COST.            TIME.           PERFORMANCE.


By using top-quality home studio equipment, and my own expertise in recording and mixing, I'm able to keep your costs down by not having to hire a studio. You can come to me in Ealing, or I can come to wherever you are in London.


Studio hire is expensive and restrictive. With our sessions, we can take as long as we need to make sure that the final result shows off only your strengths. (Find out more about a typical session here).


As a professional singer myself, I understand how important it is to feel relaxed if I want to give my best performance. Studios can be intimidating and cause unnecessary tension (I've seen great, experienced singers panic in a studio - and it showed in their voices). With me, sessions are comfortable and relaxed, and if you choose to have me come to you, you can record in a familiar environment and make sure you give your absolute best.

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Cameron Sharp

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