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SINGING REEL  (Scroll down for spoken voice reels)

A singing reel with Vocal Demos will be made up of 4 snippets of songs (around 30-40 seconds each), chosen by you, which will be edited into one 3 minute reel. You will also have the option to receive 1 of the tracks in full, separately. 


First things first, you'll need to choose your songs and find your backing tracks (more information on where to get your tracks on our TIPS/FAQS page). If you want bespoke piano or guitar accompaniment to match your sheet music's cuts and keys, these can be arranged at an extra cost.  Help and advice on tracks can be given along the way, and I'll need them sent to me before the session, so that I can maximise recording time on the day.

We also need to decide on a location. I'm based in Sydenham, so you can head out to me in Zone 3, or if you have the equipment to record yourself at home  (and live somewhere in London that isn't too noisy - train tracks, noisy neighbours etc) then there is the option for you to send me your vocal recordings to be mixed.  


Sessions with Vocal Demos do not have a set time limit, though around 2 hours is usually enough. I only ever do one session per day, so there's always plenty of time to run over or re-record any sections we're not happy with.


If you come to me, which is the most popular choice, I'll be set up and ready with a full kettle boiled - so we can have a bit of a chat then get going!

If you record at home, we'll talk through the specifics in terms of the actual recording and go from there. 


Following the session, I'll set to mixing and mastering your tracks, and editing together the reel. These will be sent to you as a mp3s and well as a video showing your headshot, giving you the choice of what to upload to Spotlight etc.


Spoken voice reels follow much the same pattern in terms of the session time etc - but with these we will liaise about exactly what you want to achieve, and provide scripts for your Commercial or Documentary reels. For character reels this will be more of a joint effort, as it is you bringing your own array of voices and characters to the table!



  • Choose songs and find backing tracks, send them to me along with a high resolution headshot


  • 4 snippets of tracks (1 in full if requested)

  • Around 2 hours (with no time limit)


  • All tracks mixed and mastered

  • Receive individual full tracks as mp3s, and edited reel of all 4 tracks as mp3 and video

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