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Full vocal reel just £170!

SINGING REEL package includes:

  • Full reel (comprised of sections of your 4 songs, around 30-50 seconds each) - edited together, mixed, mastered and sent as an mp3 and as a video with headshot

  • 1 of these as a full track if requested - mixed, mastered and sent as an mp3

  • Recording session (roughly 2-2.5 hours)

  • Open dialogue about song choices and tracks

  • In-session vocal coaching and recording tips (if wanted)

VOCAL REEL package includes 2 of the 3 below:

  • 3x short commercials (scripts provided by us), mixed and mastered with music and soundscape behind them

  • Documentary read - script provided and mixed and mastered as above

  • Character Reel - montage of character voices mixed and mastered as above

  • For all 3 options the price increases to £220

Mixing your home recordings

Throughout the pandemic, we began offering the option of mixing your home recordings. This is still on offer, and prices will vary depending on the specific situation. Generally, a full vocal reel of 4 snippets of songs can be mixed for £120. 

You will need to have access to a good microphone, and the ability to record a nice clean vocal track into your computer. This can then be sent to me, along with the tracks, and I can work my magic to turn it into a fully mixed and mastered reel!

If you would like just a single track recorded, or have questions about getting anything else made, please get in touch for prices.


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