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WHAT     WE      DO

  • Vocal Demos will provide you with a professional vocal reel - recorded and mixed by a West End performer with years of recording and industry experience. Our main aim is to give you top quality, Spotlight-ready reels, at affordable, actors' prices!

  • We are a home studio in Sydenham, London, with top-quality equipment. If you have access to your own equipment, we are also able to work with your home recordings and mix and master them into a full vocal reel.


  • Sessions are relaxed, and free from the time constraints that come with working in a studio. Performers perform best when comfortable, and with us you can record in a friendly environment, at your own speed.

  • Session-specific vocal coaching, guidance and direction can be offered, along with help with song choices, backing tracks, and/or voiceover scripts - to make sure your reel shows off only the best of your voice.


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